Teaching Philosophy

Computers and new media writing taking on the form of multimodality create a greater opportunity for my students and I to communicate with one another in and outside of the online writing classroom. Thus I use technology as a communicative writing tool and I encourage my students to do the same. Like many, I argue that writing is a collaborative process that exists in intertextual forms. In hypermedia writing environments, according to Landow (1992) a new model of collaboration exists, one that marries both the assembly-line collaborative model, a system where writers work together to build a text in pieces that each contribute, and versioning, where one writer produces a draft on their own and then passes it on to another writer who rewrites or adds to it at another time (p. 89). In combining the two, I encourage students to add "chunks" of multiple authors to their own writing to add strength to their arguments, and at the same time, consult multiple readers about the development of their work. By encouraging students to communicate and consult with each other using various on-line mediums, I am asking them to write for an audience much greater than the traditional model of teacher feedback or peer response. In addition, I am asking them to write together and for the new media driven world we live in.

Examples of Student Projects

At the University of North Alabama, I teach technical writing, technical editing, advanced composition, journal writing, multimodality, research writing, and grant writing. I am incredibly proud of my students' work and all they have accomplished. I help coordinate summer internships for UNA Profesisonal Writing majors with NASA and other various partners of the space program in Huntsville, Alabama. My students have also worked as interns for the country music industry in Nashville and for the MMA's in Memphis, Tennessee. 




Each of the assignments within my classes are designed to strengthen and build my students' resumes. As an assignment for their new media writing classes, students created their own digital, portable resumes with Wix. These online portfolios are completed at the end of the semester and are designed for students to showcase the work they have completed throughout the term. To view examples of their work please click here or here.


To better understand the multimedia research, students were also encouraged to take a flat text, such as a research paper, and digitize it. While some students digitized previous research papers using Wix, others added to existing projects with tools like JavaScript.

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