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Every Child Counts (ECC) has touched my teacher's heart. So much so,  I go back as often as I can to gather research, stories, and photographs to help support this school.


Every Child Counts provides education to disabled children of all ages on the island of Abaco, Bahamas.


Currently there are 100+ students enrolled and that number is growing. While each of their disabilities may be different, these children are still treated with the same love and respect they each deserve.


Every Child Counts needs your help or your volunteer efforts. We are mostly run on donations, and it takes $7000.00 per child, per year to keep the school doors open. To learn more about our amazing school, read the stories of some of the students, or to donate, go to . Better me! I'm always eager to talk about ECC and the amazing children and teachers who make it run! 256-660-9026


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